Before Beyond an emergency response: supporting our partners and looking after our customers anytime, anywhere. Our first responsibility is therefore upstream: to identify and minimise any risks that may impact our customers ‘life.

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During AXA Assistance supports its customers both in their everyday life in case of emergency: car breakdowns, home emergencies, and sickness abroad… We are by their side, whenever they need us, listening to their needs and responding with top-quality solutions.

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After An accident or illness can have life-changing implications and require people to revise their ambitions, reorganise their home and adapt their lifestyle. At AXA Assistance, we stand by our customers and provide on-going support.

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Beyond an emergency response: supporting our partners and looking after our customers anytime, anywhere

Beyond an emergency response: supporting our partners and looking after our customers anytime, anywhere

Para su empresa un socio de negocios. Para su cliente un amigo a todas horas

We have been in the Argentine market for more than 24 years and we have established ourselves as a service company, designed to complement or expand the main business of our clients.

We make ourselves available to the users of our services in many different situations that they might need: Be at the same time the convenience of using the concierge service to organize a reservation in a restaurant on a special date or in emergency situations, such as Loss of luggage when traveling on vacation.

We can not predict the unexpected, but we can reduce the impact they cause us. Therefore, our role is to make life safer and lighter, significantly less stressful and therefore make your customers remember your brand positively.

Born to protect travellers

The history of AXA Assistance’s growth tallies with changing economic and social trends.

At the height of Europe’s post-war economic boom, the late 1950s were a time of reconstruction and deep-seated social change. More companies were paying annual leave, while cars and air travel were becoming more affordable: the result was an upswing in leisure travel. And as tourism developed, a new need emerged: travellers sought protection from unforeseen circumstances and the risks associated with travel. A Spaniard called Pedro Louis Poch noted this need, and responded by creating an unprecedented service offering: travel assistance. In 1959, he created GESA, the first ever assistance company and predecessor of AXA Assistance. 

Driven by its innovative mindset, the new company soon extended its offering to include auto and home assistance. It was also the first assistance company to offer medial repatriation. 

A world presence
in 34 countries

Global network of professionals prepared to act in any situation

The experience of our national and international service network provides the key to satisfying our customers consistently.

These teams are carefully selected to support all of our business lines. Our suppliers are analyzed, and their performance is regularly evaluated to ensure the high standards they demand.

The breadth and flexibility of our network allow us to meet every challenge, confident of a good result. Our global network is able to rapidly develop specialized micro-networks, focusing on the specific needs of our customers.


Creamos soluciones innovadoras basadas en las nuevas tecnologías digitales y plataformas de negocios para satisfacer las necesidades específicas que surgen todos los días. Podemos desarrollar sistemas centrados en su proyecto, así como utilizar nuestras plataformas regionales.

La eficiencia y la calidad 24/7

Estamos disponibles las 24 horas del día, 7 días a la semana con profesionales capacitados para ayudar con cualquier cosa que necesite! Para garantizar el nivel de atención que creemos que es el ideal, tenemos certificaciones como la ISO 9001 y un estrecho seguimiento de la opinión del consumidor a través de la metodología Net Promoter Score.